Together we create smiles for life

We are a family-run company providing general dentistry services for over 30 years.

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We take care of more than
20 000 clients
We have experience
over 30 years
Professional level of health care

We form a team of experienced dentists and nurses, as well as helping new graduates in their beginnings.

Top equipment and level of treatment

We take care of a professional approach and modern technical facilities with an affordable treatment price.

Comprehensive care for children and adults

We take care of more than 20 000 satisfied clients in Central and Eastern Bohemia.

In our modernly equipped dental offices we provide quality care within the framework of practical dentistry, which will please even the most demanding clients. We use technologies and materials that meet the highest quality treatment requirements. We offer you treatment in a comfortable environment where the focus has always been, is and will always be on our patients. We will not only relieve you of tooth pain, but also of the cultivated fear of dental treatment.. We are happy to treat you and your whole family and ensure a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime.




Fibichova 1338
28601 Čáslav


Lidmily Malé 656
53012 Pardubice


Běloveská 123
54701 Náchod


Sladkovského 420
53501 Přelouč

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